This page is a place to record the occasional thoughts, happenings, images around life in Knoydart, Scotland.

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— mostly.

Nothing will be regular, as and when the mood takes and I have something worth sharing..!


I am a photographer working only in film based mediums. I take mostly Black & White which I develop and print using traditional chemistry and darkroom processes. Occasionally I use colour film in Medium Format which I have developed by a professional lab and I then scan the resulting negatives.

In the age of digital it is unusual to use an 'old school' technology. Not as unusual as you might think though. Film is making a resurgence, as are the traditional darkroom and alternative processes in creating print based images.

The main reason to shoot film is in the 'slowing down' of the whole picture making process. Through this you are connected in a much more tangible way to the end result. If that end result is a physical print, been able to handle that and see the depth that you can only get with traditional techniques elicits responses not attainable through other means.

If you are interested in creating a film based project, please get in touch with me via my Cardd

Exhibitions, Curation & Projects

Winter Exhibition – Glasgow Gallery of Photography Feb 10th – 26th 2020 (link)

The Canoe Curated selection – AnalogForever, Online Group Exhibition – “Wanderlust” March 2019 (link)

The Bakehouse, Mallaig – small photo project to record scenes in and around an Artisan Bakery, Ongoing.

Find me at:

as: @longhouselife@m-thompson.co.uk Matt Social Cardd

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