Around five or six years ago I dug out my late fathers Mamyia RZ67 and began! Then I went through a bit of a whirlwind of 35mm cameras, eBay stabs in the dark, finding the Way via internet articles, podcasts and places. In 2019 I was gifted, by now a good friend and fellow photographer, a pretty much complete darkroom set-up – it created another piece in the jigsaw of  Slowly Turning Analogue.

I find it incredibly difficult to finish rolls of 36 exposures, even 12 exposures on 120 Medium Format and I am now shooting single sheets of film/paper in an Intrepid MkIV 4×5. The aquisition of the Intrepid MkIV has given me a new commitment to this way of seeing. The 4×5 really fits with what is becoming a very purposeful slowing down, considered approach to crafting images.

The majority of my work now is in Van Dyke Brown printing. Harking back to the 1830‘s.

This site will showcase images I consider worthy of sharing with the world at large. All available for sale at a max. 11″ x 14″ for Silver Gelatin Prints. All prints are on archival paper, ADOX Fibre Paper for silver prints and Awagami Bamboo 170g, or for Premium prints - Tosa Washi 28g paper, for VDB prints. VDB prints are directly contact printed from the negative. This means the image size will always be 4" x 5" with the paper size at a minimum of 10" x 8"(max 11" x 14"). Occasionally I will craft a Zine. These will also be available here for purchase as they are published.


Beginning my immersion into the outdoors at a very young age, I progressed to wandering the hills and mountains of the UK once I could drive or hitch-hike. Followed by spending a few summers climbing in the Alps all the while working in the field of Outdoor Education in both the UK, France,UAE and the USA. A few more years of interspersing work for others, particularly in the Ardeche, France - finally led to a break from general Outdoor Education and a specialism in Canoeing and more particularly Expedition based ADVENTURES BY CANOE.

Under my business name WILDERNESS CANOE I have now led innumerable trips here in the UK, coached at symposia in the UK, France and in the USA & Canada, led trips to Norway, Sweden, France and Canada as well as in Scotland. We think of ourselves as the CANOEISTS CANOER.

Spending time somewhere that we have used the canoe to access, sitting watching the stars or the sunrise, smelling the waft of fresh coffee brewing on the campfire, slowing down, reflecting and relishing the disconnect from the everyday world and the new found connectedness to this World.


My first steps into the world of work as a teenager were in Horticulture, and it was my work and training environment for a few years, before Adventure took hold...

I have always held onto the interest in botany, in particular, and the wider world of nature has been part of all I have done over the years.

In the last few years I have had the opportunity to start molding just under one acre of land here in Garbh Criochan. A wild plot with difficult soil and weather to deal with. After some setbacks and getting my feet wet with trailling what will grow and what wont, or not so well, I am starting to see small results and making further plans for the future. We are technically part of the Mainland, but only accessible by boat. A modern property built into the woodland. We have a composting waste system with Grey Water treated via a purpose built Reedbed system. A newly fitted Air Source Heat Pump to supply all our heat and hot water. Our water supply is straight from the hill, our electricty from a local Hydro Scheme.

The aim is not so much self-sufficiency, but an addition to the quality of food and surroundings. A mix of Permaculture, Forest Gardening and a more Traditional garden/veg production landscape.