April 2021 Update:

At the beginning of this year I began to delve into other alt-processes, Silver Gelatin being considered also an alt-process now in the era of digital image making.

However, my delve was even further back than silver gelatin. Back to the beginnings of Photography and the discoveries made by Fox Talbot and Herschel amongst others.

The 1840’s saw the introduction of the Salt Print processes and the further use of iron based salts to create images that were reproducable on paper and glass.

These experimentations have taken me from Salt Prints to now settle on the Van Dyke Brown process. Within this website you will find examples of the prints I have now made.

My Philosophy

As with so many things in life, interests ebb and flow. The last decade or two has seen a lot of fits and starts but no real passion for photography other than digitally recording my adventures to post to the never ending zoo of social media and its plentiful armchair aficionados

Around three or four years ago I dug out my late fathers Mamyia RZ67 and began! Then I went through a bit of a whirlwind of 35mm cameras, eBay stabs in the dark, finding the Way via internet articles, podcasts and places. Almost two years ago I was gifted, by now a good friend and fellow photographer, a pretty much complete darkroom set-up – it created another piece in the jigsaw of Slowly Turning Analogue.

I find it incredibly difficult to finish rolls of 36 exposures, even 12 exposures on 120 Medium Format and I am now shooting single sheets of paper in a 4×5. I’ll graduate to film one day, but Paper Negatives have a purpose, for now.

Soon I’ll be the owner of an Intrepid mkIV This I am looking forward to as a new commitment to this way of seeing. The 4×5 really fits with what is becoming a very purposeful slowing down, considered approach to crafting images.


I use a variety of cameras from 35mm, 120 and 4×5 formats to capture, mostly, Black & White images on either film or paper. I then either print these directly in the darkroom in the time honoured fashion or I also proof images and sometimes print via the scanner, computer, and inkjet printer.

Cameras I currently use: DIY 4×5, Nikkormat FTn, Nikon F70, Leica IIIc, Mamiya RZ67, Mamiya C220, Yashica MAT124G, FED2, Minox 35ML; soon to be the owner of an Intrepid mkIV 4×5; I also have a few other non-descript cameras plus a box of parts-only 35mm slr’s…!

My main medium is B&W film, although currently (2020) I am using photo-paper as a negative in the 4×5 camera/s. Paper Negatives produce an almost film like result, but as paper is Orthochromatic the range of tones produced in representing colour are different to Panchromatic mediums.

This site will showcase images I consider worthy of sharing with the world at large. These are all available for sale at a max. 11″ x 14″ for Silver Gelatin Prints and 13″ x 19″ for Inkjet Prints. All prints are on archival paper, ADOX Fibre Paper for silver prints and Canson Museum Grade Mat paper for inkjet prints. Get in touch for further information.

Occasionally I will craft a Zine. These will also be available here for purchase as they are published.

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