Vest Pocket Kodak Model B

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A while back I had the fancy of getting a small ancient folding camera. In the back of my mind were the camera's made by the likes of Kodak in the early part of the C19th. I wasn't sure even whether I could find one that still functioned, actually most of them do to a degree or so...

This camera is small – 10mm x 60mm x 110mm or in old english money ½” x 2 ¼” x 4 ¼”

I didn't want to spend much, which you could do if you got something more rare or by the likes of Zeiss for example, but likewise I didn't want to risk getting a piece of shelf art – mostly because I don't have a shelf to put it on..! So flea-bay was out in some ways. I eventually found a place in Plymouth, UK run by a guy who was an aficionado for old folders and I purchased from him.

Well, when it arrived it seemed the shutter wasn't working and after checking that it actually was meant to be a working camera, it was sent back to be remedied. A couple of weeks later it arrived once more. With some excitement I went to load up a film, only to find that the winder didn't really engage with the spool too well and when under load (as in when a film is present) it would not wind on...

Back it went again...

Once back with me I eventually did get a film loaded and wound on to the first frame. The two ReraPan 400 films I bought from what is now my go to film stockist – Nik & Trick, again on the south coast, UK would be my test rolls, even at £13 per roll..!

My plan been to check the bellows and quality or lack thereof of the lens, the accuracy or lack thereof of the shutter with roll one, then with roll two try to improve upon those results. from that point I would either consign it to the non-existent shelf or take out a small loan for more 127 film...

Looks like I might just be about to take out the small loan.

First I need to fix the light leaks in the bellows. These are caused by pin hole size holes due to the age of the material the bellows are made from. I'll do this by entering a very dark place, then shining a torch inside the bellows and painting small dabs of Liquid Electricians Tape over each, and hopefully, every one.

Eventually I want to shoot a few rolls around the area using colour Agfa Portrait XPS 160 – this is a finite stock in 127 format. It has muted colours not dissimilar to Kodak Portra emulsion. As an aside, I also need to provide Nik&Trick with the spools and backing paper before they will sell you this stock, Why? you may ask... Well, it's because the spools and backing paper are not really made any more, so need to be recycled.

I was super excited the whole time I was developing this first film, would there be any images, had I got the exposure worked out, would any images be discernable...?

Really stoked to say YES there is a result, here they are, warts and all: