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The Garden Boundary

2021 Garden Boundary Project.

Using medium format film and my Mamyia RZ67 + 50/4.5 loaded with Ilford FP4+ I wandered the boundary, the chaotic line that deliniates our plot with those of our neighbours. From defined lines identified through fencing and walls to the undefined line of a seasonal burn flowing through the woodland to fill our pond. Mature trees of Beech, Birch, Alder and Goat Willow to newly planted, as in the last three years, trees of Alder, Birch, Holly, Oak, Scot’s Pine, Lime and Hazel.

The boundary separates us, gives us a sense of space from the outside, allows us some privacy; protects us from the Westerlies so common here; at the same time as allowing windows to the mountains and sea-loch beyond.