Project 2020

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More by accident than design I have made three zines so far in 2020. The main one is a retrospective collection of some of my images made on film during 2019; the two others are mini-zines – images from two rolls of film shot recently.

From this accidental start, I have what might turn into a project for 2020. The production of a mini-zine series. A small collection of images from each roll of film I shoot throughtout the year.

The whole mini-zine concept is that it is printed on a single sheet of A4 paper, double sided, folded and cut in such a way to make a A6 size booklet form. Small images, but packed with a curiosity and punch that belies their dimensions...

Along with my 2019 Retrospective – priced at a reasonable £8.50 + postage Worldwide, you can find them all on my Own a Print page. By the way ALL the mini-zines are free to download from the link.