Van Dyke Brown #2

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I’ve spent the last couple of days experiementing with the Van Dyke process.

Aside from making another step-wedge and colour-blocker exposure I have settled on a process found on the Sandy King website re: methodology.

Both the step-wedge and colour-blocker tests were done to ascertain the best starting point when using Digital Negatives. I will most likely have to do some further testing when using negatives straight out of camera.

The Sandy King methodology is as follows:


    1st coat – 1+1, VDB solution + Citric acid solution
    Citric acid solution = 5% or 5g/100ml.
    2nd coat – VDB solution. Apply after 5 min’s of coat one drying time.

Tray One - First Wash

    Water + ¼ teaspoon Citric acid/1000ml.     2 min’s

Tray Two - Second Wash

    Water + ¼ teaspoon Citric acid/1000ml.     2 min’s


    Tone if required.

Tray Three - Fixing

    Sodium thiosulphate.
    5% solution OR 50g/1000ml. PRE-MIXED
    2 min’s

Tray Four - Clearing

    Sodium sulphite.
    1% solution OR 10g/1000ml. MIX as REQUIRED.
    2 min’s


    Wash minimum of 10 min’s in running water.