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I have spent the last week or so completely updating the website. In fact, a complete rebuild from scratch, pretty much..!

Originally hosted on a server with Linode, and based on the Wordpress CMS. Due to personal reasons I have decided to fore-go the server set up and have also moved away from Wordpress. The new build site is coded by hand using the Static Site Generator - Hugo, and I am hosting on a free server with Render.

The site will otherwise be pretty much unchanged. Providing a home for Blog posts, Photographic Projects and a Portfolio.

I’ve imported some of the old posts, although these are still in need of updating with any image content that was associated with them. The Contact form is still to be sorted, so if you’d like to get in touch then it will have to be through Twitter or via Ko-Fi in the meantime. The whole site should play nicely with whatever you use to view it on, although I can’t guarantee it 😃 🚧

The Portfolio will be added to once again and feature a rolling selection of images deemed worthy of sharing.

The Projects section will feature current and long-term projects that I am working on. These could include image Galleries, Ideas, and Processes eg. Salt Printing.