The Quarry

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The weather is awful currently. Cold, very wet and very windy. Not really conducive for going out of doors..!

On one of my recent wanders I’d thought of trying to spend a roll or two of film time in the village stone quarry. This is where the community get all thier stone from, whether for larger blocks or more usually crushed rock for road surfacing use. This is the most recent location, after it moved from the previous place a couple of years ago.

I had a very short length of RPX400 rolled from the bulk spool. Loaded it into the Leica IIIc + Summitar 50/2. Pretty much ran up the hill from the house and shot nine frames in as many minutes as it poured down from the heavens..!

I’ll go back again soon I think and try for a larger tally of frames on a better weather day.

Leica IIIc + Summitar 50/2
Rollei RPX400 @ 800
Diafine 4+4