Storm Aiden

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This storm made landfall here in NW Scotland with high winds and torrential rain.

For a brief spell of an hour the rain held off long enough for me to venture down to the foreshore and grab a few images on my Yashica MAT124G loaded up with a roll of Santa Rea 1000 film.

Making a quick check of the light levels, I set the aperture and shutter, decided I would zone focus and ventured out… I didn’t go far. Managing to rattle off the 12 exposures on the roll quite quickly.

The wind was from almost due south, which means that the waves were coming straight onto the beach rocks. Great spumes of wind whipped spray raced towards me across the loch, before blowing up and away into the forest two hundred metres inland. It was all I could do to stay grounded as this happened..!

Once back in the house, I mixed up some fresh developer - Microphen in this case and set the other requirements to warm up in a water bath. During this time the rain and winds continued to blow, as they are still doing so now - 5 hours later..!