Salt Printing - part 4

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Recently I purchased a Coating Rod as an alternative means of applying Silver Nitrate solution to my salted paper. While using the brushing method I was getting inconsistent coatings and additionally using a lot of solution for each print. The use of the coating rod is acknowleged as being a little more difficult to use, but would answer the above issues of consistency and economy of solution, I hope(d)..!

This last weekend I spent a few hours in/out of the darkroom - Practicing. I need more practice, plus I need to work out the inconsistencies in results.

Even where I get better coated paper I regularly get poor results from what I think are reactions between the silver and sodium coatings. A lot of mottling in general; A lot of dense areas within less dense areas - visible by the deep chocolate colour versus the thinner orange colour of the coating once dry and after exposure. I’m a bit flummoxed by this as I really don’t know the root cause/s.

Today, I have float coated some paper for longer in the salt solution as a first variation to experiment with. I’m hoping that I can see whether this has an effect. The assumption is that not enough salt solution was soaking into the paper fibres when I was brushing it on.

Salt Print

Low Tide - Boat 01

Salt Print

Low Tide - Boat 02

Salt Print

Low Tide - Boat 03

Salt Print

Low Tide - Boat 04