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Yesterday while I was out n about with the Intrepid MkIV I also had with me a 100% plastic camera - the Halina Panorama.

This camera is so basic it feels like something you might find in a christmas cracker… All plastic, even the lens..! Zero settings. Just a wind-on dial and a shutter button.

Supposedly the plastic lens suffers from difraction, is somewhere in the region of f11 aperture. The shutter supposedly is around 1/125th. Focal length around 28mm.

Loaded with some Rollei RPX400 B&W from the tail-end left in my bulk loader. The camera film-gate has a built in mask which reduces the frame to approx 10mm x 36mm, so roughly around 1/3rd of the standard 35mm frame area. Standard 35mm film is used.

Minimum focus distance is supposedly around 1m, but probably closer to 2m +. Even though I had aa 400 ASA film stock loaded, you’ll need light to get consistent images.