Mallaig Harbour

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I have had on the shelf for a while a Kodak Vest Pocket camera, Model B which originates around 1920 - making it approx 100 years old. It is a folding camera, and it does fit very nicely in ones pocket.

Taking 127 roll film, with 8 images per roll. I had run a couple of cut down 120 rolls through the camera to check for light leaks in the bellows. I knew there were many pinholes. I had repaired the bellows by using Plastidip - a rubberised paint, by brushing on while shining a torch on the inside of the bellows to illuminate those holes…

Monday December 7th was on of the three 127 days across the world (12/7) - the others being Jan 27th (1/27) and in UK format July 12th (12/7).

The KVP has a single meniscus lens, two shutter speeds (T and approx 1/30th - 1/50th) and four apertures (approx f/11 - f/32). It uses a very, very small right-angle viewer with which to compose and is incredibly difficult to maintain a horizontal horizon.!

Loaded with the Rerapan 400 film, a B&W medium speed film reputedly Rollei RPX400 re-rolled in Japan, I headed for the weekly shop to Mallaig and the intention of finding something that showed the harbour fishing boats etc.

A known issue with the backing paper on this film stock is evident in the images. Although I think considering the camera the final results actually add to the aesthetic of the views..?