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With the last few days of incesant rain and gloom, plus the onset of a Northern winter I needed to escape my ‘normal’ locality for a few hours…

Been lucky, in some ways, here in NW Scotland we are able to move about quite freely if required in the current circumstances, so long as the by now ‘usual’ precautions are taken. I booked myself on the mid-morning boat over to Mallaig with the intention of using two rolls of Rollei RPX400 in and around the harbour area.

I had exactly three hours before my boat back up the loch and to home. Firstly some errands. A quick trip up the hill in town to the postbox ended up continuing on up the hill along past the school and thence eventually back to the main road and along the shore front back into town. BUT, I was side-tracked by a footpath sign indicating a 3.5Km loop up into the hills and eventually back into town. This is a route I had never been along and the distance was achievabble in the time-scales - so long as I didn’t lose the way… The path led up to a hill loch - Loch an Nostarie.

Wet paths led onwards with views to the South West and eventually to the North West as I crested the hill, signed by intermittent guide-posts found me high above the harbour looking across to Sleat and the Isle of Rum.

Once back into town, I still had some grocery shopping to do and after a take-away coffee it left me with little time to hang around the harbour. So with my final frame taken I boarded the boat and huddled out of the now cold northerly wind for the 45 minute ride home.

Mamiya C220 + 80/3.5.
Rollei RPX400 @ 800.
Diafine 4+4.