Big East River

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An exploratory meander from Lake Vernon up the first few kilometers of the Big East River.

Scouting for a potential campsite for myself and some clients who would be embarking on a 450km trip around and through Algonquin Provincial Park later that spring/summer.

I was staying with my good friend Gord and his wife just outside Huntsville, Ontario. Gord is the manager of one of the AO outfitters stores.

We took his almost 90 year old wood/canvas canoe, I took a 40+ year old Mamyia C220 that Gords wife had gifted to me, loaded with a roll of Ilford FP4+ to test the camera out with. It was likely that the camera had not been used since Jenny’s father last used it in the 1970’s, so I had no idea whether it would be light tight or otherwise…!

I had the film developed in a local Huntsville lab while I was away on another canoe trip later in the same week.

A 50+yr photographer, with a 40+yr camera, in an 90+yr canoe, and printed with a 180+yr process..!

Salt Print

Big East - Canoe #1

Salt Print

Big East - Canoe #2

Salt Print

Big East - Gord

Salt Print

Big East - Canoe #3

Camera/Lens: Mamyia C220 / Sekkor 80/3.5
Film: Ilford FP4+

Process: Salt Print, 4” x 4”, Bergger COT320

Canoe #1 - featured in the March 2019 issue AnalogForever Online Exhibition as a Silver Geletin based image.