AnalogueLife - the ZINE.

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A quarterly A5 zine, printed on recycled paper, containing a collection of photographs from the previous 3 months and archive images. Each issue based loosely through experiences, a theme, writing or stories.

With the constant whisper of ‘you need to post this, share that, boost etc.’ some of you may be aware that I have slowly and perhaps purposefully edged ever more into the shadows.

It’s a double edge sword when it comes to exposure - no pun intended..!

For folks to see what is created it needs to be pushed out to an audience and cutting off the audience to then focus on more creation seems like it will guarentee that even less folks see what is produced! What I’m aiming for, and there is no guarantee it can be pulled off - is to try to engage, and encourage the ‘analogue’ crowd of the importance of supporting and further encouraging the creation of material that can be held, appreciated, kept, passed along, given, exposed, observed and above all appreciated for the heart and soul that will have gone into its making.

With this in mind, from January 2021 I will work on and produce a Quarterly ZINE. Published here on this website, available during week three of March, June, September and December.

The zines will be available for ‘free’ as a pdf download, or in print for a donation to cover print production and mailing etc via - buy me a coffee, leave a donation + your email and I will get a copy of the zine to you.

I hope you will find yourself able to support me through this endeavour.