Allt na Faing

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Taking the opportunity to grab a quick dash up the hill today between a spell of bad weather and another….

I headed up the Guiseran track as far as the ancient sheepfold, now fenced in by protective deer fencing that keeps the deer from browsing the thousands of trees planted on the hillside.

Flowing down that hill directly to and past the sheepfold before it enters the Millburn is the Allt na Faing - ‘Stream of the Sheepfold.’ It was this stream and its wooded gorge I explored the bed of to its upper limits, before traversing out at the top and making my way back down its edge, hence returning to the sheepfold and the track home.

Mamiya C220 + 80/2.8.
Ilford Ortho+ @ 80asa.
Microphen 1+3, 20 deg's, 13.5 min's.