New Pinhole Camera project

#Photography #PaperNegative #pinholecamera

I am in the early steps of creating another Pinhole Camera. utilising a small light tight plastic box that was originally used to store a 30m length of 35mm film.

Approximately W70mm x H75mm x D32mm in size.

Using a cut down piece of photo paper realises a negative size of approx 6cm x 9cm. This is placed in the box in an arc from front L to front R, and touches the rear of the box producing a focal length of 32mm. This format will give me a Field of View (FOV) approximating 180 deg's.

The plan is to also build a mount for the camera so that it can be placed under the eaves of an outside store next to the house. I will leave the camera in position for three months. The FOV will capture the sunrise around to mid-afternoon travel of the suns path through the sky (when we see the sun...that is..!)

Over the next few days, I'll document the creation of the camera and its placement and sometime in June I'll post the results – fingers crossed :)