LargeFormat 4x5 Camera Build


Bit more completed today on the 'camera'.

I received some small brass screws, finally, yesterday in the mail, so was able to move along a little.

I now have the Front Standard glued and screwed. It has two bits of off-cut 10mm bolt fitted either side. These then fit through two slots in an outer frame to enable some forward/back tilt and up/down movements. Fixed by a corresponding nut on each bolt...

I found a piece of Pine to use for the Bed, in which I will have a slot/bolt to enable focus racking. I will also put in a Tripod mount.

I'm not far now really to the finishing post... ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Images sans lens-board of the camera mounted on the bed & showing the front standard.

And, with the lens board mounted, fitted to the tripod:

All that's left to do: Fixings to mount the lens-board Install a tripod bushing.

I bought a cheap UV filter that was a decent fit and glued it to the front of the lens barrel.

The reason: So I can screw on a Yellow filter to help with exposing Paper Negatives which are sensitive to Blue light, the filter helps decrease contrast & also to then place aperture stops between filters โ€“ made from circles of black card with approx dia apertures.