Forest Garden Plants for Sale

As the Longhouse Forest Garden develops the aim is to both propagate new plants and collect seed that we can sell on to other like-minded folks. Our plot is in its early stages of creation, there is a mature canopy layer and some under-story and ground cover layer development as we are based on what was typical West of Scotland forest land.

Over the last year we have planted more native trees and have also opened up some of the woodland to let in light and create planting space. The plot will feature a mix of ornamental, native plants with under planting of edibles. We are creating an orchard area that will also feature other edible and useful shrubs amongst the fruit trees and bushes. At the rear of the house we have a traditional 'annual' vegetable plot that will slowly incorporate Perennial veg, and these will also feature in other areas of the garden.

Plants and seed will come with provenance. There is likely to be a random selection each season, depending on what we are growing and collecting.

The stock we have will be listed here on this page.