Creating the Zero-Two Camera.

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Part One.

Setting up the basic box.

zero-two camera The small W70mm x H75mm x D32mm box that the roll of 35mm film came in.

zero-two camera Showing how the Photopaper Negative is placed. Forming an arc like this will give 180 deg's Field of View. Here placed on its edge to facilitate recording. But will be placed in an upright position for actually taking the image.

Once the Paper Negative is loaded – under a safelight in the darkroom – the lid will be snapped shut and then sealed with opaque tape to ensure no light can enter.

zero-two camera Th drilled hole (approx. 16mm) that will form the aperture. This will of course be covered by the brass pinhole (approx. 0.3mm). The aperture is placed above the center to give a greater aspect ratio preference to the sky. The final image is formed upside down in the camera.

Until it is time to take an image the pinhole will be covered with a piece of opaque tape. Once removed the exposure can proceed.