Creating the Zero-Two Camera.

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Part Two.

Creating and Fixing the Pinhole.

zero-two camera This is the piece of brass shim in which you can just about make out the Pinhole. The piece is approx 25mm x 25mm and the pinhole is approx 0.3mm

The pinhole aperture of 0.3mm gives me an approx F-Stop of f/106. Under normal lighting, if I was to meter at f/16 and get a 1 sec exposure time it would equate to 45 secs at f/106 for example.

For the use case I am contemplating – To create a Solargraph. The exposure will be very long... Sometime on or before the 21st March will be the beginning of the exposure and the end will be the corresponding date in June.

More on this unusual aspect of Photography here:

... not create too large a hole by aggressive sanding...

The hole is made by gently applying pressure to the point of a sewing needle. We're not trying to make an actual hole, but to create a pressure bump on the reverse of the metal. Once we can feel this bump with a finger, we then gently rub the bump with sandpaper to create the hole. All the time been very careful to not create too large a hole by aggressive sanding...

zero-two camera The pinhole is now taped to the inside of the camera.

Next step is to take it in to the darkroom and cut the Photo Paper to size before inserting and sealing the camera.

I also need to consider How I will fix the camera to its mounting position for the exposure. I could drill the bottom of the camera and screw it to a piece of wood then affix that to the structure..! I have some fine felt, used for light-seals in old cameras that I can back the screw heads with to ensure light-tightness. A second method, and much simpler is to use a piece of elastic bungee cord to hold the Zero-Two in place.