Creating the Zero-Two Camera.

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Part Three.

Mounting the Camera.

zero-two camera I've chosen a position on one of our outbuildings to mount the camera. A simple shelf created from a scrap piece of Larch is screwed to the soffit boards of the shed. I have gone with a simple piece of 10mm elastic bungee which is pretty strong to hold the camera in place, it in turn is fixed to the edge of the shelf on each side.

The camera is loaded with a 6cm x 9cm piece of Kentmere Variable Contrast RC photo paper. In the images you can see that I have the pinhole covered. It will stay this way until I put out the camera, probably this evening (I doubt I will make it up before sunrise..!)

Here you can see a image of the cameras position (image center) from further away. zero-two camera

The camera faces roughly South East. It will catch the sun as it comes over the shoulder of the mountain to our East and hopefully track its path until it disappears out of the FoV.

Depending on the outcome of this experiment; if successful, I will probably make a larger camera and place it on the hill somewhere to try and catch an East to West FoV (sunrise to sunset).