Green Autumn Beginnings


AnalogueLife / October 24, 2021

Although we are well into October, the tree cover is still very green. It has been quite wet the last month or so, with just the occasional brighter day or hour..!

On the first sunny day for a while, I managed to find time to have a wander around my usual circuit, or one of them anyway. Hoping to at least find some autumnal tints, there are the beginnings only. The main colour is very much green, with a few yellows and russets dotted about, the biggest colour splash are the Rowans or Mountain Ash. Absolutely weighed down with bright red berries.

They say that a heavy year is an indicator of a bad winter, but in the past I've not noticed winters to be any worse on the whole. The berries, if collected, make a very good jelly. A fantastic source of vitamin C. The birds love them too..!

Rowan Bracken berry birch Rowan



All images.
Camera/Lens: Mamiya RZ67 + Mamiya Sekkor Z 127/3.8
Film: Lomography 800 @ 400
Development: CineStill CS41 Two-Bath kit.
Scan/Post: Canoscan 9000F / GIMP 2.10 - Colour Balance, Levels, Resizing.