New Website


AnalogueLife / July 22, 2021

New Website

It's not that long since I rewrote my website using the Static Generator Hugo. But, recently I have become less enamoured with the complexity of the process and have been thinking about how I can simplify the whole experience as a content creator, but also for the viewer.

This iteration of the site harks back to some of the simplicity of the web in its early days, but of course using much more modern web technologies beind the scenes. HTML and CSS of course, but also JS frameworks and CSS frameworks and these updates are written in MDX.

All these things though are beside the point if you're here for my Photography.

What I hope to offer is a more outward version of my photography and the processes I use to make images and prints. Prints are so important, they are the final version of the process and should not be underestimated in their importance for the viewer. To hold a handmade print in your hands and feel the texture of the paper it is made on has so much more memory inducing chemistry going on than any screen image made up of 1's and 0's...!

Let's see where it all goes.