Potato Harvest


AnalogueLife / July 23, 2021

Today marked the start of the potato harvest.

I have four varieties growing in both raised beds and 30l tubs. We grow pretty much everything here this way as the soil is so acidic and lacking in any nutrients. The medium is a mix of DIY compost, bought compost, leaf mold and seaweed. The newest raised beds are a kind of Hugelkulture type setup. With rotten and old wood at the bottom, sheeps fleece, seaweed then soil layers.

We live right by the sea, so collecting seaweed is just a short walk with the wheelbarrow and fork.

I rooted around a week or so back in one bed and pulled a few smaller tubers, but that variety will be left to increase in size for later in the season. The variety I harvested today is called Aura - a French variety dating back to 1950s. Long shaped, yellow skin, yellow flesh tubers with perfect cooking characteristics. Ideal for roasting, boiling and steaming. It has high resistance to common scab.

Growing in two 30l buckets. All of my seed potatoes went in a bit late this year because I didn't get compost ordered in time, so I had to trim a few of the shoots. I think this sets them back somewhat..?

For two of us though, we always have enough of a crop to keep us going for a fair while, but I always look and think there could be more..!

I bought my seed from: Potatohouse this season.

Other varieties I am growing:

  • Golden Wonder
  • Yetholm Gypsy
  • Home Guard