AnalogueLife / July 25, 2021


Shrews and Dragonflies

Out in the garden I'd seen a 'black' looking butterfly on the wing. It wasn't one that I have seen previously. After a couple of days seeing these, one eventually settled long enough for me to take a better look and then ID it. The Scotch Argus 1

Sat on the edge of the garden deck with my coffee on this hot Summer Sunday and my foot was accosted by an exploratory Shrew. Rooting around in the grass. Its pointy face appearing above like a periscope to occasional check its location.

Back in the house, we have a large green/yellow Dragonfly buzzing around managing to not find any of the number of open dooors or windows through which to make its escape..! Eventually I managed to get it to rest on a sheet of paper that I could then carry outdoors for it to go back to its business.