Lillium Kellogii


AnalogueLife / August 08, 2021

Lillium kellogii

These super lillies are a pure white with mauve/magenta/purplish speckles, chocolate brown stamens.

From the two bulbs I grew there were fourteen large 5" plus flowers in total. The scent in the greenhouse as you opened the door, I grew these plants just inside, was almost overpowering on a warm day!

Each image was taken with my Intrepid MkIV camera using Fomapan film and developed in my now usual 510-pyro developer, fast becoming a standard for all my intended VDB prints.

Paper - 9" x 12", Canson MontVal (NOT) 300g
Technique - VDB Sensitiser + 1x drop Tween, double coated by Hake
UV Exposure - 25 min's

Lilium kellogii

Lilium kellogii

Available to Buy

Each print is a direct contact print from the negative (4” x 5”). Paper size is approx 9” x 12” . Each print is signed and dated, and will have edge annotations on its creation. The print comes unmounted, and can be fitted to any mount to suit your own needs, even unglazed so as to appreciate the texture of the paper.

There are always variations in every print, and they can all be considered unique in this regard, no two will ever be the same. It is this inherent trait that makes VDB and other Alt-Processes so collectable.

£65.00 / £90.00

Each / For both.