Courgette Chutney


AnalogueLife / August 15, 2021

Courgette Chutney

We have a glut of Courgettes/ Zucchinni at the moment. I like to harvest them small for general use, but there are always a few that outgrow themselves, unless we eat them everyday.!

Last year I made a large batch of Courgette/Ginger Marmalade. This year I have started with a small (3x jar) batch of Spiced Courgette Chutney. Using a Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall recipe as my starter recipe.

We've run out of fresh ginger, so powdered ginger was used as a replacement. As for vinegar I used a mix of Cider and Red WIne vinegars that I had used previously for other pickling use and had kept in sealed jars.

Using the two largest courgettes, approx 1kg, I salted these this morning and left for a few hours to let the salt remove most of the moisture from the chunked courgette pieces. After rinsing a few times in cold water, and then drying, the courgette is added to an onion/spice mix and cooked for a few minutes before adding the vinegar/sugar mix and further cooked down for around 30 minutes or so.

While this is happening a few jars and lids are sterilised with hot water from the kettle and then dried in the oven (a Banana Loaf had just been baked). I'd prepared 6x jars, thinking I would have enough chutney mix for at least 4 if not more...

After cooking down though and then firmly packing into the hot jars, there was enough to fully fill only 3 jars.

We're not going to be short of more courgettes though...

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