Big East River, Ontario, Canada

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3 very good prints today.

Camera: Mamiya C220 (which at the time I was unsure if it actually worked or was light tight) Film: FP4+ Subject: Out for the day scoping out campsite possibilities on the Big East River, near Huntsville, Ontario with my friend.

I should also add that the camera in question was given to me by the partner of my Canadian friend. It had belonged to her father and lain unused for many, many years.


40.8 secs Grade 3 bit of dodging here and there. 8” x 8” on 12” x 9.5” paper Adox 311 Glossy Adox Neutol Eco

50 odd year old photographer 40 odd year old Camera 80 odd year old canoe

Big East River, Ontario, Canada

Spring 2018

Big East 1 Big East 2 Big East 3