65560 – cont'd

Today I received the bits n bobs from Trident. I was disappointed by the amount of packaging they thought to use though – far too much plastic wrapping as a filler, because they claim to only have one box available and it was around 10x too large for the contents..!


Today I managed to get the Combination Mat applied to the inner floor area and also re-taped the main cockpit seams.

I fitted the new Camcleats to the mast, replacing the plastic 'horn' type.

Currently considering the placement of the Fairleads and Cams for the 'Jib' sheets. These were mounted on the gunnels, on top of what was probably the original wooden fairlead. I am going to copy a few others and mount these on to a piece of ply then screw this to the side bench.

I also now have enough rubber bungs for all the drain hole fittings. The transom one I have played with drilling it to accept some 3mm line which I have then attached to the transom with a short SS screw, so as not to loose the bung...

Questions: I saw a video of one Mirror user who had not replaced the Bow Knees. How structural are these? Do I need to replace them..? Could I use a smaller piece of wood in their place..?

Next stage once the epoxy has cured is to re-sand the inside totally, then apply Woodskin to the decks and benches; paint the cockpit floor. Fit the new Allen SS Anchor Plates for shrouds and forestay. Then I will do a dry land rig of the spars and sails.

I have some Ash or Beech wood that I will craft some Fairleads from to mount up at the Bow.

I should also look at the Launching Trolley, to see what needs fixing before I contemplate putting the boat back on it.