This afternoon a spent a couple of hours wandering well known paths and corners of the local forests and woodland. These are places I know well from many years of exploring both the beaten path and off the beaten path.

There is always something to observe in the natural cycle of the land, not always something to photograph, but the reason for theese wanders is to find some space and breathe. The camera is just a vehicle to achieve that end.

As far as cameras go the Nikon F70 + 35-80 f3.5 – 5.6 G lens is pretty much hands free. This particular lens can be set to AF or Manual, it’s not ideal with this particular camera as I cannot use it in full manual mode. I need to set the camera to P mode, then I use the lens in Manual Focus & either Centre Weighted or Spot meter mode.

Loaded up today was a roll of pretty obscure B&W film – FT-12. A High Contrast film with a box speed of ASA 50. Having now developed the roll, I think it needed a bit more bright light than I was able to find overall. Not all the images I took worked, although the ones below I think do exibit the qualities of the film stock.

I developed the roll in 1+3 Microphen for 10 min’s at 20 degs. The ideal developer is Rodinal and Stand Developed for 45 min’s.